DJ Roomba

Week 8 – New Media Transgressions

I think we have all imagined a day in the future where we can spot advanced humanoid androids walking among us in the busiest of crowds, interacting with us where ever we go. As expressed in Amelia’s blog, it is without a doubt an exciting prospect to witness the human-like capabilities which robots can possess in order to encourage a deeper level of interaction.  Probably as old as the idea of the creation of robots itself, the fear of robots matching or even surpassing our own intellect has also been largely among sceptics.  The Modeled Behaivor blog reported a survey in 2011 which revealed that 50% of the survey participants believed the creation of human-level (and beyond) machines will likely produce an extremely bad outcome (2011).

As much as we might be frightened with the potential of artificial intelligence it’s important to be aware that robots have already been integrated and heavily used in societies around the world already for many years. A notable is the self-vacuum cleaning robot Roomba with the video “DJ Roomba” (2010) demonstrating its popularity and acceptance in today’s homes.

I am excited for the future of robotics as Cynthia Breazeal explains in her 2010 presentation “The Rise of Personal Robots” (2010) that they can change our private and professional lives in terms of the way we communicate, perform tasks and use media. As explained in this blog, I agree that such technology is beneficial to us but we cannot let it rise to the point where it can takes over our lives and it essentially replaces us perhaps in the work place or it increases our growing dependancy for them.

I believe we should welcome helpful and supportive artificial intelligence for certain parts of our lives as long as it doesn’t blur what it is truly important which is our humanity, the way we work, bond and live. Besides, if we have too many robots then where will DJs go for work?


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4 thoughts on “DJ Roomba

  1. Firstly, DJ Roomba FTW. Secondly, I would be in that 50% that say machines that are smart like us will end in disaster. The funny thing is that if they did my housework, even if they were as smart as me and were planning the robot revolution, I would be first in line to buy one.

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