The Benefits of Internet Freedom


Week 4: New Media, Beliefs, Politics & Ethics

“True information does good” – Julian Assange, 2010

Wikileaks founder, editor and fellow Queenslander Julian Assange explains in his 2010 interview with The Economist (2010) that his intentions for the creation of Wikileaks is to expose highly confidential and controversial information to the general public, hoping they would further engage with the reports and strive for “political reform”. I believe Wikileaks is one of the many success stories of using the internet for the exposure and participation for political and social agendas.

I believe the internet has become a valuable asset in a modern world of growing corruption and injustice as it has revolutionised the way we learn, communicate and participate when it comes to politics. Ivan’s post elaborates how the internet has brought us closer together due to the growth of networking, resulting in increase engagement as a collective group for the same cause.

Shirky also explains, (2011) “social media have become coordinating tools for nearly all of the world’s political movements” , further mentioning the recent political turmoils in Egypt, Spain and the Philippines as examples. Hanan’s post describes the importance of internet freedom as the deny of access can lead to situations in Iran where the people are silenced.

I believe the internet should be the one place in our lives where we have ultimate power to expose and have access to completely uncensored, unfiltered and honest material. It has become a new and powerful form of freedom of speech which should never be taken away.


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One thought on “The Benefits of Internet Freedom

  1. Total Agree with the view of freedom of speech. Apparently it’s getting wider and faster than ever in the internet world. As an audience perspective, i’m very welcome organization like WikiLeaks to publish secret documents and truths, because everyone knows the main function of media is watching and reporting political and social movements accuratly to the public.

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