Sharing Creative Expression in the Social Media Community

ImageWeek 3 – The New Media Amusement Arcade: Music, Games and Films

I don’t think many of us would have been able to predict or even had any idea on how the internet would have changed and looked today if I asked you about it ten years ago. In less than a decade the internet has rapidly morphed, transformed and evolved into something that has essentially given every internet user the power to be heard and seen in an increasingly connected and globalised online community. The website Internet Killed Television (2011) strives on the idea how we can become broadcasters.Adam Ostrow (2009) reports how YouTube has become the most innovative social media project of the decade, revolutionising the way we watch, share and interact with entertainment. I think we adore it so much because it has given everyone of us the freedom to upload whatever we want and say what we really want to say.

One of my favourite examples which I believe uses entertainment in a social media context successfully is the YouTuber KSIOlajideBT’s videos all relating to his favourite video games as he spices things up with his hilarious racial humour. What makes him so appealing to me is how an ordinary guy who is the same age as myself and is located all the way from the UK can post funny videos for the world to see with such ease. He’s proving that amateurs can be entertaining. It influences me to try and do the same in some way.


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